Clay Cuties June 15 and 22nd at the Kinship Studio 7PM

Clay Cuties June 15 and 22nd at the Kinship Studio 7PM


HI! I’m hosting a two night workshop where you can come make and glaze clay animals!

This clay experience is focused on providing you with the materials to make and create creatures of your choice - it could be a version of your pet or maybe a fantasy spirit animal. You will be allotted an amount of clay to use as you like. * I will not be teaching how to make any of my cats or alpacas during these classes - these workshops focus on developing your own styles and experiences.

I will provide a quick demo of how I start off making an animal shape however this is opportunity to let your creative spirit flow. This is a sculptural class where we are working with chunks of clay. The second night will be all about glazing your pieces to you own liking. I will bring a fun selection of colors to glaze with!

This workshop consists of two separate nights.

On June 15th 7PM we will be sculpting our creatures.

On June 22 7PM we will be glazing our pieces.

Your pieces will be fired in my kiln. Your final glazed pieces will be ready for pickup a week or so after the second class.

Please note that sometimes pieces can be lost during the first firing process and it’s an unfortunate factor when dealing with clay. Because of this I usually suggest making a few small pieces as opposed to large ones. I also don’t suggest making any creatures with complicated appendages such as horns or snakes - these are tricky items for me to transport back to where my kiln is located.

Long nails are not recommended for clay workshops . Please dress appropriately to handle glaze and clay.

All tools and materials will be provided for you to use.

All attendees and ticket purchasers must be over the age of 21 ( no execptions )

All tickets purchases are final and non refundable

The Kinship Studio is located at 310-70 Albert st, Winnipeg MB

Any questions regarding this workshop prior to buying tickets please don’t hesitate to email me at

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