Bee Bud Vases

Bee Bud Vases

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The Bee Bud Vases come in three sizes

Small approximately 2 inches tall /2 inches across ( 3 gold bees )

Medium approximately 3-3.5 inches tall / 2-2.5 inches across ( 3 gold bees )

Large approximately 4 inches + tall / 3-3.5 inches across. ( 5 gold bees )

Glaze options.

gloss white, matte black, gloss pale blush pink, gloss light teal with crystal blooms or teal on upper half with white gloss lower half, matte speckled blue with white gloss lower half

*all vases will differ slightly in shape - these are all wheel thrown

*the clay is measured per size selection

*the gold bees will appear slightly differently on gloss and matte glazes

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