Shipping Plates

Large Clementine Plate

Large Clementine Plate


FAQ's for shipping plates 

Starting this summer I've decided to start shipping my plates. This option is available in quantities of six plates at a time.

Why six? I purchase my plates in boxes that contain 12 - for those of you that don't know I don't make some of my dinner wear - if I made them if would be very time consuming and I would charge double the amount for a single plate. I want my plates to be affordable enough that you can purchase a set. 

After I've wrapped the plates in foam paper they sit nice and snug in the original boxes which makes for a more ideal shipment.

Can I mix and match the plates? No. I hand paint all my plates and it's very time consuming and if I were to glaze a few different patterns at once it takes me longer. Each pattern aside from the "clementine" is a process of three coats of each color for vibrancy and then clear coated three times. 

Do I need to make a deposit?  Yes. Your deposit will ensure that you are serious before I commence the work. I only work on pottery a few days a week and I want to make the most of my studio days. Should you change your mind your deposit is non refundable. The amount required to start your order is half the price of the total amount of plates per order of six.

Is shipping extra? Yes. Depending on how many orders of plates and where it ships to is an extra fee. I do not have a flat rate for the shipment of plates.

Is there a discount for ordering six plates at a time? No. These plates are all individually hand painted and go through two firings in a kiln. 

How long will my order take? This depends on how many orders are currently on my roster - a minimum of 4 weeks is an average wait time. If this is a gift for the holiday season I close my books early November to work on stock for local pop ups and wholesale customers.

If you're interested in placing an order for plates in groups of six please email me directly at

Please don't hesitate to contact me for any additional questions