Maker Collaborations / Exclusive Custom Items for Stores


  • * My apologies but my books are currently closed for collaborations*

I have been very fortunate over the last few years to collaborate with makers and a few stores here in Winnipeg. 

If you've been thinking of reaching out to add pottery to your pop up shops or to make a complimentary ceramic piece to sell your products have a quick read before reaching out.

Please have a clear and concise idea of what you want made... pottery is tricky and sometimes deceiving as to how it was made. I work with pieces made on the wheel, slab and hand built or sculpted. I do not use moulds or slip casting which means I am unable to mass produce these items. I make small batch collections.  I will not reproduce another makers design for you. If you are using their photo to describe a color or shape that is fine.

There will be a charge or charges for the test pieces that I make for you.  This is to compensate for the materials used and my time. You will also be required to return the test pieces so that I have a reference. If you want exclusivity on your design there will also be an extra charge.

If you’re looking to change, customize or alter a piece I currently make this is not an option. I am only interested in creating new works or designs.

If I already make an item similar to your idea I may decline your proposal. For example I currently work with a candle company making the vessels which means that spot is filled.

There is a minimum order amount required. I treat these orders like wholesale orders. 

If this request is for market season please allow a minimum of 10 weeks for production.


 Here's a few of my recent collaborations 




It's such a pleasure to make vessels for this candle collaboration with Manitoba candle makers "Charleston and Harlow" This candle smells like peony and keeps your space smelling like a huge bouquet of them!.  The bonus feature is that after the candle burns away you have a gorgeous blush vessel that has a hand painted gold "XO" as an accent



Naked Skin Care and Apothecary


I was overjoyed to hear from Amber last year! I love this skin care line and I use it everyday. She wanted some little bowls that would serve as a dish to mix facial masks.  The handheld bowls fit easily in one's hand ... they are a glossy white with black specks and gold trim. 



Fat Lye Soap

This collaboration was my first ever! I was such an immediate fan of Jenn's soap and she inspired me with her incredible handmade soaps.  I've had the pleasure of a few stores selling our pieces together and we've been neighbors at a few pop ups!